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Excellence in education, generation after generation

Mission: Paoli Junior-Senior High School, through the combined efforts of the school board, administration, faculty, staff, and community provides a positive, caring environment where all students are challenged to achieve their highest potential.

Vision: Paoli Junior Senior High School will support and engage all students in a safe, comfortable, and forward-thinking learning environment in which all academic, emotional and physical needs are met; to continuously develop and utilize valid assessments and use all results to drive instructional practices and curriculum; to identify strengths and weakness of all students while strengthening the skills and knowledge needed for students to confidently pursue any opportunities of interest; and to show evidence of student learning and improvement at all levels, in all content areas, and across all subgroups, without exception; and always connect instruction to students’ experiences at home, to the community and to global issues and advancements. (AUDIO)




Click HERE for directions to 501 Elm St., Paoli, IN  47454

 Phone: 812.723.3905
Main Fax: 812.723.4459     Guidance Fax: 812.723.0357

Principal Todd Hitchcock hitchcockt@paoli.k12.in.us

Junior High Principal Wes Whitfield whitfieldw@paoli.k12.in.us

Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam neukamk@paoli.k12.in.

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    Phone: 812.723.3905
    Main Fax: 812.723.4459
    Guidance Fax: 812.723.0357

    Principal Todd Hitchcock

    Junior High Principal Wes Whitfield

    Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam


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